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There are many things to consider when evaluating a lateral move—including size and reputation of a firm; its culture, compensation and service offerings; and business development tools and opportunities.

Lindquist & Vennum has grown from one office with a few dozen attorneys to a midsize firm with three regional offices and 170 attorneys. Our growth has been slow and steady, with nearly two-thirds of our lawyers joining Lindquist as lateral hires from corporate legal departments, private practices and competing law firms. Our diverse client base includes entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, closely held companies, nonprofit organizations, and government entities.

Flexibility, collegiality, a transparent business model, and a focus on professional development are just a few of the reasons why laterals join Lindquist.

In Their Own Words

"I started my law career in the Twin Cities doing trusts and estates work at a different Minneapolis firm where I worked with attorneys who made the move to Lindquist. Eventually I moved to Sioux Falls, where I practiced for several years. While in South Dakota, I stayed in touch with my Lindquist contacts and continued to work with some of them on trust matters. When I learned that Lindquist was opening a new office in Sioux Falls, my decision to join the firm was an easy one, especially since I had so many existing relationships with the firm. I knew the firm’s reputation for quality and collegiality, and I had experienced it first-hand. I could not have custom-ordered a better opportunity.

Since joining Lindquist, I’ve been able to integrate my clients into the firm, and I’ve gained new clients from relationships with my Lindquist partners. In addition, I am able to work with the Minneapolis trusts and estates team and their clients, and I can seek help from them with my clients. The synergy is great, and the ability to provide trusts and estates services in both Minnesota and South Dakota is a huge advantage to our clients in both locations."

Mary Akkerman
Partner, Trusts & Estates
Joined Lindquist & Vennum in 2012

"After interviewing with prominent law firms in Colorado, I chose to join Lindquist & Vennum’s corporate reorganization and bankruptcy group. I knew the firm argued several cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and received highly esteemed recognition in the community. I was impressed by the attorneys’ dedication to resolving corporate restructuring issues and complex litigation while instilling a positive and friendly atmosphere at their office. I immediately knew this was the firm where I wanted to continue my practice of law. Since joining Lindquist & Vennum, I have worked on several notable cases and constantly receive challenging and rewarding opportunities."

Ethan Birnberg
Associate, Bankruptcy
Joined Lindquist & Vennum in 2010

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