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How is Lindquist's Summer Associate Program different from the rest?

Our Summer Associate Program is designed to create an experience that is full of challenge, real work experience, constructive feedback, mentoring, and hands-on training. The program is an integral part of our attorney hiring process. You won’t draft boring seminar outlines or spend all of your time in the library working on non-billable research projects. Your projects will be billable client work, typical of what a first- or second-year associate does. Rather than be assigned random projects as they come in the door, you will have the opportunity to select projects that interest you from a variety of practice areas. Your summer will be a practical, hands-on experience typical of what it’s like to work in a firm like ours, where quality work is expected, community service is part of the culture and a balance between work and personal life is supported.

What kind of work will I do?

It’s crucial at this stage in your career to gain exposure to as many different practice areas as possible—that’s why our program is divided into two parts. During the first half of the summer, you will be assigned work from the firm’s practice areas. One week you might be drafting a summons and complaint, while the next you’re participating in a real estate closing or observing a family law hearing. The second half of the summer is more self-driven and you will solicit projects in practice areas of your choice. Learning how to take initiative and find work is important to your future success as an associate.

Will I spend all of my time in the office?

Our Summer Associates are encouraged to attend depositions, motion hearings, trials, negotiations, closings, and even client meetings. Watching a litigator in trial, experiencing the dynamics of a strong client relationship and feeling the rush of a deal that’s finally closing is invaluable in helping you form your career path.

Will I have a mentor?

One of the major goals of our summer program is to fully integrate Summer Associates into the firm. We’ll pair you with one associate mentor who will act as your “friend in the firm.” They’ll introduce you to members of the firm and ensure you feel comfortable and at home. Your associate mentor is not an evaluator, so you will feel at ease asking them for help with any questions you have.

Are there professional development opportunities for Summer Associates?

During your first few days with us you will take part in an extensive orientation to help you get off on the right foot and succeed during your summer with us. You will also take part in our writing program in which two initial writing assignments are critiqued for organization, style and composition. In addition, you’ll be invited to attend the same training sessions offered to our associates and partners throughout the summer.

How are Summer Associates evaluated?

You’ll receive frequent feedback and ongoing evaluation—our Summer Associates tell us it’s what makes our program so valuable. Why spend an entire summer stressing over whether or not you’re doing a good job? We do all we can to give you constructive feedback throughout the summer so you’ll have the peace of mind that you are on the right track. You will receive both an oral and written evaluation on every project you complete and two in-person review meetings. Copies of the written evaluations are shared with you so there’s no guesswork in our program.

Will I work on pro bono matters?

Lindquist & Vennum is deeply committed to the delivery of pro bono legal services. Much of our reputation is rooted in our attorneys’ dedication to the organizations, legal clinics and individuals they serve each year on a pro bono basis. The firm has accepted the Pro Bono Institute Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge, agreeing to use our best efforts to ensure that we annually contribute, at a minimum, an amount of time equal to 3% of the firm’s total billable hours to pro bono work.

You will be assigned your own pro bono case and will represent an indigent client under Minnesota’s Student Practice Rule—supervised, of course, by one of our attorneys. You will have a real-life, hands-on opportunity to handle a legal matter from start to finish. Typical cases involve expungement matters, landlord-tenant issues, family court matters, and creditor disputes. You’ll get involved in activities such as providing advice, writing correspondence on behalf of the client, and possibly appearing in court.

Will I receive work from the Minneapolis, Denver and Sioux Falls offices?

While our Summer Associate Program is only available in our Minneapolis and Sioux Falls offices, you will, on occasion, receive work from attorneys in our Denver office.

Will I have any fun?

Our Summer Associate Program isn’t all about work. We want you to enjoy your summer with us and get to know the Minneapolis area! You will have the opportunity to take part in a number of social events that provide casual, relaxed opportunities to get to know your future colleagues. It all starts with a welcome reception where you will meet the majority of attorneys at the firm. Throughout the summer we organize several fun, interactive activities, which may include sporting events, a cooking class, a boat cruise, bowling, or a family picnic. Summer Associates are also invited to attend the associate weekend getaway—swimming, boating, card games, golfing, relaxing, and eating are highlights of this unforgettable weekend.

How much are Summer Associates paid?

Lindquist's Summer Associates are paid $2,100 per week. Summer Associates are paid for the Memorial Day and Fourth of July holidays, and receive one paid day of vacation during the course of the summer.

Does the firm typically extend offers to its Summer Associates?

Absolutely! That’s part of the reason why our program is smaller in size—we limit the program to the number of associates we anticipate hiring the following year. There is no competition for only a few openings and we do not hire an excessive number of new associates just to weed them out when it comes time for partnership. Our goal is conservative, steady growth.

What does Lindquist look for in a Summer Associate?

Our Summer Associate Program is an integral part of the firm’s hiring process. Therefore, we look for Summer Associates who will make good associates and who embody the traits we value, such as maturity, integrity, initiative, commitment to community involvement, strong intellectual and analytical ability, leadership skills, and a client-focused mindset.

How long is Lindquist's Summer Associate Program?

Our program spans 10 weeks, typically beginning the third week in May and ending the last week in July, however is flexible to accommodate varying school schedules.

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