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Law360 Interviews Peter Michaud in Dealmaker Q&A Series


Peter Michaud was interviewed for Law360’s “Dealmaker Q&A” series, sharing insights on his successful career as a dealmaker. When asked what advice he would give to an aspiring dealmaker, he responded, “If you aspire to be a deal attorney, you must be patient. Take your time and get as much deal work as you can. You will find that you will learn something new on each deal. As you do deals over and over, you will see that, although each one is different, there are also some consistencies that appear, regardless of whether the target company makes $1 bottles of shampoo or complex electronic circuits and regardless of whether the purchase price is $100,000 or $100 million. Also, over time, you will develop your own style of negotiating. Different styles are effective for different types of people. When negotiating deals, parties tend to gravitate toward certain constants in the terms of a deal that are referred to as “market terms.” Master your negotiating skills and your knowledge of market terms and you will become a top-notch deal attorney.”

Read the full interview.

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