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Lindquist is committed to promoting equity and diversity within the firm and the legal profession. We believe that diversity is a critical part of our ability to better serve our clients. Our diversity mission is:

To provide a workplace environment that fosters understanding, acceptance and respect among partners and employees of all races, gender, national origin, religion, marital and familial status, sexual orientation and gender identity. We hire, retain and promote diverse individuals.  Lindquist appreciates and values the different skills and talents that each person brings to the firm. 

We take our diversity mission statement seriously and work daily to make it a part of the firm’s workplace environment. These efforts are overseen by our diversity committee, which is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Act as a leader for all diversity initiatives, encouraging all personnel to be involved in diversity activities.
  • Educate firm personnel about diversity opportunities and about diversity in general.
  • Instigate and coordinate diversity events within the firm and within the community.
  • Serve as a liaison to and representative of persons with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Help set, monitor and publish the firm’s progress in achieving diversity goals.

Our managing partner, among other partners, associates and non-attorney staff, serves on the diversity committee.  

Through our continuous efforts in recruiting, training, mentoring and policies, we have grown our diverse workforce and look forward to achieving our goal of greater diversity in the future.

Lindquist Diversity Timeline


Featured Organization: Twin Cities Diversity in Practice

Lindquist has been an active participant and champion of Twin Cities Diversity in Practice over the past 15 years, and we have realized many successes in working closely with the group.

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Affinity Groups

Within Lindquist, there are several affinity groups to the firm’s diversity committee composed of both attorneys and staff, including the Women’s Initiative, Forward Through Access (the firm’s African American affinity group), and the LGBT affinity group.  

Women's Initiative

Contact: Brittany Pearson

The Women’s Initiative, an affinity group to the firm’s diversity committee, works to raise the profile of women within the firm, enhance business development opportunities both in and outside the firm, and encourage active leadership in the communities in which our women attorneys live and practice.

The Women’s Initiative focuses on:

  • Enhancing business development opportunities.
  • Attracting and retaining woman attorneys through professional development, mentoring, and opportunities that allow them to thrive in the legal profession.
  • Raising the profile of women attorneys within the firm and advancing women into positions of leadership.

African American Affinity Group

Contact: Celia Thomas

The African American Affinity Group upholds the firm’s diversity mission and commitment to recruit, develop and retain African-American employees at the firm.

The African American Affinity Group focuses on:

  • Establishing an effective, professional forum for the articulation and discussion of issues affecting African-American employees.
  • Providing visibility to diverse employees in an effort to share information on new strategies and initiatives across the company.
  • Driving innovation through Affirmative Action best practices.
  • Expanding internal and external networking opportunities for African American employees.
  • Conducting proactive awareness on issues relevant to African American employees.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) Affinity Group

Contact: Peter Michaud

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) Affinity Group, an initiative of the firm’s Diversity Committee, works to address a broad range of LGBT workplace issues, including recruiting and supporting LGBT attorneys and staff. 

The LGBT Affinity Group focuses its efforts on:

  • Providing a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the firm’s LGBT employees and partners.
  • Raising awareness of LGBT employment and legal issues.
  • Representing the firm at LGBT events and conferences.
  • Educating attorneys and staff about LGBT legal issues.

Twin Cities Diversity in Practice

Twin Cities Diversity in Practice Logo

The firm is a charter member of Twin Cities Diversity in Practice, a collaborative effort among Twin Cities law firms and corporate legal departments to advance diversity in Minnesota's legal community. The group's mission is to provide significant resources to accelerate the efforts of its members to identify, recruit, advance and retain lawyers of color. Twin Cities Diversity in Practice is also dedicated to promoting the area as a good place for lawyers of color to develop professionally and personally.


Minnesota Women Lawyers

Minnesota Women Lawyers

MWL was established in 1972 to help secure the full and equal participation of women in the legal profession. Today, it has more than 1,200 members.In recognition of our strides toward gender equity, the Minnesota Women Lawyers (MWL) honored us with their Leadership Award in 2004, which recognizes legal employers who strive to enhance the status, influence and effectiveness of women lawyers.


Minnesota State Bar Association


Lindquist & Vennum is proud to have been the first major firm in Minnesota to adopt the Minnesota State Bar Association's (MSBA) Best Practices Goals for Women in the Legal Profession. The best practices are intended to promote practices among both public and private legal employers that encourage employing and retaining women in the legal profession. The best practices arose from the Self-Audit for Gender Equity (SAGE) compiled by the MSBA Women in the Legal Profession Committee. The purpose of the SAGE report was to find a way to promote and aid gender equity in Minnesota's legal profession.


Association of Corporate Counsel

ACC Logo

The firm embraces the Association of Corporate Counsel's strong commitment to enhancing diversity in law firms and strives to be one of the firms that "positively distinguish themselves in this area" through the environment we foster and our hiring practices.

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