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Sometimes the courtroom is the only place to settle a dispute, but often that traditional process is needlessly time-consuming, expensive and adversarial. In many instances, resolving disputes out of court—through arbitration, mediation, or other settlement processes—delivers results that meet clients’ goals more quickly, at a lower cost and with less combativeness.

Lindquist & Vennum's lawyers serve as experienced arbitrators and mediators in the representation of our clients in arbitrations and mediations throughout the country

Lindquist is a leader in providing alternative methods to resolving disputes. Counted among our attorneys are former chairs of the Minnesota State Bar Association’s 400+ member ADR Section, as well as members of the American Arbitration Association’s commercial arbitration and mediation panels.

Our commitment to ADR led us to launch an internal program in 1997 that trains attorneys to serve as mediators in county, state and federal courts and in pro bono matters. With these programs, our firm continues to be a leader in ADR, both through representing clients and providing an important community service.



Appointed as panel chair, sole arbitrator or panel members in more than 60 arbitration matters, including:

  • Patent and licensing disputes in the areas of medical products, biological processes and oil exploration rigs.
  • Financial services issues and disputes.
  • Computer system disputes involving hardware and software.
  • Disputes resulting from the sales of businesses and earn-out provisions as well as claims of fraud and attorney malpractice, breach of sales warranties and representations.
  • Product warranty and contract disputes for high tech machines used to manufacture semiconductors and used in manufacturing.
  • Warranty disputes involving parts used in truck manufacturing.
  • Contract warranty and misrepresentation claims in dispute involving food processing machinery.
  • Franchise and sales representative terminations.
  • Crop insurance disputes.
  • Disputes arising from law firm dissolution including contractual and fiduciary responsibility issues, and disputes involving services contracts.


  • Appointed to mediate probate, trust, guardianship, and conservatorship issues for families and individuals in the seven county metro area as well as greater Minnesota.
  • Appointed as mediators in cases involving patent infringement, trademark, copyright, breach of contract, misappropriation of intellectual property and other commercial disputes.
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Daves ADR: IP, Commercial
Daves ADR: IP, Commercial
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