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Over the past decade, Lindquist & Vennum’s Financial Institutions group has represented more financial institutions in connection with mergers and acquisitions than any other law firm in the Ninth Federal Reserve District and has been recognized by SNL Financial for bank and thrift legal advisors based on the number of transactions completed. Lindquist is among the leading national firms serving client banks across the country. The firm focuses on the Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions and represents clients ranging from small community banks to publicly traded regional holding companies.

In addition to the unique level of experience gained from involvement in such large number of transactions, the Financial Institutions group has shown the ability to create innovative solutions to challenging problems, including:

  • Overcoming marketing concentration objections from regulatory agencies by successfully challenging geographic market definitions and/or proving the presence of mitigating factors

  • Early adoption of unique transaction structures to meet tax or other business objectives, including the use of whole-bank asset sales, the acquisition of a bank holding company by a bank, and the conversion/merger of mutual institutions

  • The initial use of phantom squeeze-out mergers and reverse stock splits in several states, in order to consolidate ownership or qualify for subchapter “S” election

  • Early and vast experience in interstate transactions, including bank acquisitions by out-of-state acquirers in Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado, California, New Mexico and Arizona

  • Extensive experience in charter conversions and inter-industry transactions, including the acquisition of thrifts by banks, the acquisition of banks by thrifts, and the acquisition of banks and trust companies by insurance companies

  • Represented bank holding companies in the acquisition and/or sale of subsidiary banks

  • Represented bank holding companies in connection with the sale of the organization, including advising such companies on strategies to prepare for the sale and optimize the purchase price

  • Represented bank holding companies in mergers of equal transactions with other bank holding companies

  • Represented bank holding companies in connection with securities and debt offerings to enhance capital ratios

  • Represented banks and bank holding companies in connection with the acquisition of insurance agencies, leasing companies, factoring companies and other specialty finance companies

  • Represented closely held bank holding companies in connection with resolving shareholder issues through shareholder and other agreements

  • Represented banks in connection with the sale and/or purchase of branch offices

  • Represented individuals in the organization of de novo banks

  • Represented financial institutions in charter conversions

  • Represented mutual savings organizations in converting into stock companies

  • Represented industrial loan and thrift companies in connection with regulatory issues involved in providing certain financial products and services

  • Represented credit unions in connection with both the sale and acquisition of additional branch offices

  • Represented Native American tribes in connection with acquiring banking organizations to provide economic diversity and financial services to tribal members

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Purchases and Sales of Financial Institutions

  • Commercial banks

  • Bank holding companies

  • Financial holding companies

  • Savings banks and savings associations

  • Trust companies

  • Finance companies

  • Mortgage companies

  • Industrial banks

  • Insurance agencies

Asset Sales by Financial Institutions

  • Sales of bank branches

  • Whole bank asset sales

  • Portfolio sales

  • Loan participations and syndications

Mergers and Consolidations

  • Acquisitive mergers

  • Mergers of equals

  • Squeeze-out or squeeze-in mergers, S corporation qualifications

  • Conversion/mergers (mutual institutions)

  • Holding company reorganizations and consolidation of subsidiaries

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