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Today’s businesses collect volumes of information about individuals in the name of providing better products and services. While this wealth of information offers unparalleled opportunities, it also poses unprecedented risks. Lindquist & Vennum’s data privacy attorneys work with clients across a spectrum of industries to minimize those risks, while maximizing our clients’ opportunities. Our transactional team of data professionals counsels clients through the litany of state and federal compliance statutes, while our litigation team helps clients of all types work through the fallout from an alleged privacy violation or data breach. Our team also provides invaluable advice on initial investigative and response efforts, comprehensive government investigations, complex class action litigation and multidistrict litigation.

Whether you run a small business or a multinational corporation, data security and compliance issues need to be effectively addressed. Lindquist’s experienced attorneys work to prioritize and execute the various requirements to which your company is subject and minimize the liability to which it may be exposed. We strive to put our clients in the best possible position through every phase, from data breach prevention and remediation to providing support and guidance during a data security incident.

Data Security and Privacy Compliance & Counseling

The complicated web of privacy laws governing the collection and use of information can be overwhelming. Lindquist’s data privacy attorneys work with clients to sort through these requirements and ensure compliance with the pertinent, and constantly changing, regulatory frameworks. With the ever-evolving nature of data security threats, governmental agencies are continually tweaking the intricacies of compliance obligations, which necessitates a team of attorneys that can help ensure that your business complies with current data protection laws and regulations and does so in a way that is sensitive to the operational, technological and business-driven objectives of your organization.. We know what it takes to successfully navigate the legal challenges that data privacy presents, while also positioning your business to come out stronger on the other side. Lindquist’s data privacy attorneys assist clients in:

  • Compliance with regulatory frameworks
  • Advising corporate leadership on data security requirements
  • Working to devise and implement incident response 
  • Auditing and advising on security policies
  • M&A transactions involving protected personal data, financial data or protected health information
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Data Breach Guide

Is your organization adequately prepared to respond to a data breach? Learn more in Lindquist's Data Breach Response Guide.

Lindquist Data Breach Guide

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