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More than a dozen Lindquist & Vennum attorneys help people and businesses deal with federal, state and local governmental agencies. We understand how administrative processes are different than other legal processes. We also understand how they connect with public policy and political considerations.

With our attorneys’ depth of experience in regulatory and governmental affairs, we can help clients understand how administrative agencies work and select the right approach to an issue, whether it’s working with agency staff to solve a problem or litigating because agency action is the problem. We have interacted with federal agencies and with state, county and city governmental bodies throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions, as well as in numerous other states.

  • Representing at the legislature and before numerous legislative committees the following entities: health care company, glass company, insurance company, municipal power agency, automobile manufacturer, power equipment manufacturer, and a cooperative services provider. 
  • Working with the following legislative committees in the Senate and the House: Commerce, Environment, Finance, Health, Human Services, Judiciary, State and Local Government, Transportation, and Taxes.
  • Representing 24 different insurance companies on regulatory, investigative and disciplinary matters at the Minnesota Department of Commerce.
  • Representing dozens of licensed insurance agents and real estate agents on disciplinary and licensing matters at the Department of Commerce.
  • In addition to representing clients at the Minnesota Department of Commerce, representing a variety of clients before the following State Agencies: Agriculture, Employment and Economic Development, Health and Human Services, Labor and Industry, Management and Budget, Metropolitan Council, Natural Resources, Pollution Control, Revenue, and Transportation. Also at the Metropolitan Airports Commission primarily with the Management and Operations Committee dealing with Requests for Proposal.

Public Entities With Whom Our Attorneys Have Worked:

  • Agriculture departments.
  • Attorney general offices.
  • Commerce departments (insurance, banking, and securities).
  • Departments of health and human services.
  • Departments of energy and natural resources.
  • Environmental agencies (including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency).
  • Minnesota Health Licensing Boards.
  • Public utilities commissions.
  • State legislatures.
  • Transportation departments.
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"Decisions In Distress: How Directors and Officers of Minnesota and Delaware Corporations Can Navigate Their Duties In Challenging Times"

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